Todays tantrum was bought to you by Jack Nicholson……

20130920_080338-1Somebody told me, or I might have read it somewhere ( I'm not sure) but basically the gist of it was that when your toddler is having a full blown stamping screaming thrashing tantrum there's no way out! Dig your feet in...grab a cuppa....leave them somewhere safe and let them go for it. Rumour has it they have no sense of reason.They see red and even if they don't know why, once they're in, they're in. We met this in fine form this morning. The horrendous parent I am, I unclipped my little munchkin from her booster seat once she'd finished her breakfast and put her down to go and play. You would think the world had ended. Full blown screams for a good 25 mins.Nanny and Grandad didn't stand a chance of their lie in.  We live in the middle of nowhere but I was still half expecting the police to come round to see what horrendous pain I was inflicting on my poor harmless child. She ran between the kitchen and the lounge screaming banging on doors....poor daddy came to see what I had done to his beautiful baby....walked in and smiled.He was on his way out to work. Lucky! After about half an hour of breakfast time over hysterics it was over. Dolls house out and toys being played with. Tiny people being pushed down tiny slides and little mice having teeny mice breakfast. Bet mummy mouse wont have to fight with them when they've finished!

....the Jack Nicholson thing? She's smeared banana through her hair and looks remarkably like the man!

7 thoughts on “Todays tantrum was bought to you by Jack Nicholson……

  1. Kerrie McGiveron

    Ha ha the Jack Nicholson thing made me laugh! My Alice is 2 and has just started a little bit with tantrums. Her main thing is to just look at me and say “NO!” like she really means it, I have to look away as I can’t help but smile! x :)


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