About Me!

Hi There!
Thanks for popping by to have a look at my blog. My name is Becs and I'm 30. I have a gorgeous husband and 2 children. We have a 2 year old daughter called Erin and we have just had a little boy called Noah to complete our family. We have lots happening at the moment so it seemed a good time to start writing a little about our life and experiences. We found out that I was pregnant with Noah the weekend we moved back home with my parents to save for a mortgage as part of a 2 year plan. Trying to be our own family with our own parenting styles in my parents house has already proved pretty challenging but its an amazing opportunity that we are lucky to have.
I normally work full time as an ITU nurse and my Husband works from home.We love to travel and are seriously thinking about emigrating to Australia. We were supposed to move last year but put things on hold for family reasons and have another 4 years before our visa expires. So watch this space!

My blog is a place for me to write about our life, my thoughts, share ideas and rave about things Ive discovered to make our world better!!

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